XRP Price Set For 3,000% Rally To $22, Analyst Predicts


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Crypto analyst Crypto Egrag has provided an update on his recent analysis, where he predicted that XRP would experience a significant price decline. Having called that correctly, Egrag has now predicted what the next move will be for the crypto token. 

XRP Price Could Rise To As High As $22

Egrag mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that XRP’s next move “could be between 1000% and 3000%.” He acknowledged that the current market conditions might make it hard for anyone to envisage XRP seeing such a move. However, he added that the chart indicates that XRP would rise to between $10 and $22 if historical moves from 2017 or 2021 repeat themselves. 

Egrag also noted that XRP had hit the lower target he had predicted for the crypto token, suggesting it was well primed for such a parabolic rise due to this price correction. In his earlier analysis, the analyst had predicted that XRP could drop to as low as $0.44, which it eventually did on April 13. Since then, the token has recovered and is looking to break the $0.50 resistance level in preparation for its parabolic rise. 

Meanwhile, crypto analyst Lunc Maxi’s recent analysis also echoes sentiments similar to those shared by Egrag Crypto. The crypto analyst shared XRP’s daily chart and noted that it looks exactly like 2017 and “even had the same drop.” If XRP’s current price action follows 2017, then there is a greater likelihood of XRP hitting $22 than just stopping at $10 since Egrag’s chart showed that a similar move to 2017 will take the crypto token to that price level.

XRP’s Short-Term Price Target

In a subsequent X post, Egrag suggested that XRP might be headed to $1.4 in the short term. While he admitted that there could be further price declines before this move occurs, he added that XRP bulls have shown that they are willing to match the selling pressure from the bears. Therefore, it shouldn’t be long before the bulls take control and cause XRP’s price to surge. 

He further urged XRP holders not to be deterred, stating that these price dips are “just opportunities for your bids to be filled, and these bids could be life-changing opportunities.” XRP’s rise to such price levels would indeed be life-changing for XRP investors. However, considering its unimpressive price action so far, it remains to be seen if the crypto token will attain such heights. 

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at around $0.49, down almost 4% in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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