What is Airdrop?


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A promotional event for a new blockchain-based service is known as an “AIRDROP” of cryptocurrency. Some newly announced cryptocurrency projects give away free crypto coins or tokens that are connected with the service. As a kind of reward, they will often request that the participants advertise their service through a variety of social media channels. It is a tactic that is often employed by projects who previously did not have their own cryptocurrency in order to establish a token or coin.


What exactly is AirDrop?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are always bringing new challenges to existing banking concepts. These innovations have been exploited by the project developers, who have introduced new methods to promote and promote their work. One of these relatively advanced methods that helps promote cryptocurrency is airdrop.

How does it work?

The projects or platforms that are willing to do an airdrop will announce via their different online channels to the effect that they will give away $100 worth of the cryptocurrency for free to a select set of early users. In turn, it may require the users to join the platform by registering with it, sharing its updates on their social media profiles, or doing other actions of a similar kind.

Those people who finish all of these tasks will be invited to take part in the airdrop. Once the scheduled day of the airdrop has arrived, the platform will distribute the predetermined quantity of its very own digital currencies, either to a select group of lucky winners or to every participant.



It is important to keep in mind that the requirements for participation may vary from platform to platform and that even if you complete all of the tasks stated, this will not always guarantee you an airdrop in the majority of instances. This is simply because there are much too many participants, with individuals actively taking part in such activities.

Is it possible to earn money from Airdrop?

YES! In the past, some big projects in the crypto market have rewarded their community with a serious amount, which is more than $5000. #UNISWAP, #ENS, and #TNS are some of the notable projects that have given huge amounts of rewards to the crypto community.

And constantly new projects rewarded the crypto community between $1 and $100. An airdrop is a reliable approach to getting it going with a significant number of people. If you want to participate in a genuine Airdrop, you must check out CoinFreaks|Airdrop.

Always be on the lookout for airdrop scams.

Scammers have determined that taking advantage of people’s need to make money quickly and easily by participating in airdrops provides them with an excellent opportunity to scam them. When searching for airdrops, you need to use extreme caution. In order to participate in any of these airdrops, you may be asked to provide personal information such as an email address.

Be careful if you are asked to provide further information. Most importantly, you should never give anybody your secret keys. If someone gains access to your keys, they may get their hands on all of your money.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: That not all airdrops result in earning money. The vast majority are fraudulent businesses that provide no real value in the long run. Do your research, never give someone your keys, and keep a moderate skepticism about different projects at all times.

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