Dai (DAI) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders snap up DeeStream (DST) presale post Ethereum (ETH) whale investment


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We look into the markets of Dai (DAI) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in this article. We explore how Dai (DAI) helps investors maintain the value of their assets and the behavior of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) investors. In particular, we delve into the reasons behind the movement of their investors into the presale of DeeStream (DST), a novel and innovative decentralized streaming platform.

Dai (DAI) investors are moving into DeeStream (DST)

The Ethereum-based stablecoin, Dai (DAI), serves as a safeguard for investors seeking protection from the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. It provides a reliable means for users to engage with blockchain services without the concern of potential asset depreciation.

Interestingly, there appears to be a shift among some Dai (DAI) holders towards embracing higher levels of volatility. A notable contingent of these investors is now diverting their attention towards the presale of DeeStream (DST) eager to secure presale tokens before the opportunity concludes.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) falls as trading volume rises

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced a slight decline of over 2% in the past week with its value decreasing from $269 to $264. Despite this decrease, its trading volume has shown a notable increase of over 10% in recent days.

This uptick in trading volume amidst a declining price trend suggests that some investors may be seeking to exit their positions. It’s plausible that these investors are exploring alternative opportunities that offer the potential for significant gains. Among these alternatives, DeeStream (DST) appears to be garnering attention as a promising investment option.

DeeStream (DST) presents a compelling opportunity for investors

Investors in Dai (DAI) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are increasingly drawn to DeeStream (DST) for good reasons. DeeStream (DST) is a groundbreaking decentralized streaming platform, akin to Kick and Twitch, but distinguished by its decentralized governance model which empowers token holders.

As the first web3 platform with a fully decentralized model, DeeStream (DST) enjoys a distinct first-mover advantage in an industry poised for exponential growth. Participation in this burgeoning ecosystem is accessible through the ongoing presale, currently in its first stage and priced at just $0.04. 

Beyond the potential for significant gains, presale investors also share in the platform’s revenue. Additionally, token holders actively contribute to the platform’s evolution through engagement in key decision-making processes and the submission of proposals for platform enhancements.

The platform’s vibrancy is further assured by incentives for both streamers and fans. Streamers receive various kinds of gifts from their audience, while users engage in reward programs by reaching various milestones. Moreover, the platform offers lower fees compared to traditional centralized streaming platforms fostering an attractive environment for all participants.

Security is a paramount concern for investors and DeeStream (DST) addresses this through rigorous audits and compliance procedures. By prioritizing security measures, the platform ensures the integrity, stability and trustworthiness of its marketplace.

Overall, DeeStream presents a compelling investment opportunity with significant growth potential underpinned by its innovative approach, robust ecosystem, and commitment to security and transparency. 

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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