BlastUP Presale Wraps Up Impressively: Over $8 Million Secured in Mere Three Months


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Since mid-February, BlastUP has raised over $8 million during the presale of $BLP tokens, attracting nearly 20,000 participants.

Confirming its commitment to fostering growth for startups, BlastUP has launched 3 successful IDOs.

Post-presale, BlastUP is planning several initiatives to keep the community engaged, including an airdrop and the launch of Blastboxes V2.

BlastUP, the premier launchpad on the Blast blockchain, has successfully completed a presale of its native tokens, $BLP, having raised over $8 million. The presale, launched in mid-February, ended on May 31st. For that period, the BlastUP team has successfully cultivated a robust community from the ground up, earning substantial recognition through coverage in more than 100 media outlets.

In just over three months, the BlastUP community has grown from zero to nearly 20,000 holders of $BLP tokens. Furthermore, it has gained significant traction on X with nearly 100,000 followers. 

After wrapping up the presale, the BlastUP team has acknowledged the extraordinary result while expressing gratitude to its community for unwavering support. 

Source: BlastUP X Profile 

Currently, BlastUP is preparing for the Token Generation Event (TGE) that is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. Between the end of the presale and when tokens can be claimed, the BlastUP team has outlined several initiatives that include introducing Blastboxes V2, launching an airdrop campaign and engaging in negotiations with both centralized and decentralized exchanges to secure optimal placements. 

Besides, BlastUP will continue to launch Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). Being a part of the Blast blockchain, BlastUP aims to contribute to the development of this ecosystem by helping startups find their footing through early-stage investments. The impact of BlastUP is already palpable, as it has successfully launched three IDOs. 

CYBRO, an AI-driven yield aggregator on the Blast platform, successfully raised $150,000 in just six days.

Petobots, a GameFi platform featuring F2P and wager modes, garnered $75,000 in four days.

JuicyBet, a Web3 multichain GambleFi platform, achieved a raise of $50,000 in merely two days

In this way, BlastUP is living up to its motto of helping crypto startups to grow faster and earn more.

Only holders of $BLP tokens are eligible to participate in BlastUP’s IDOs, and this is not the only privilege that they can enjoy. $BLP tokens offer a staking APR of up to 12%. Holders also can participate in airdrops to get free tokens and engage in incentive campaigns that offer valuable rewards.

Specifically, the Blastbox campaign quickly became a hit among BlastUPpers. These lootboxes deliver valuable prizes such as NFTs, monetary rewards in USDB or ETH, and Booster Points. Blastboxes are distributed weekly through a raffle, and winners are chosen randomly from a pool of qualified participants. 

Recently, BlastUP has announced plans to unveil the new version of Blastboxes in a form of NFTs with even greater utility. Some users anticipate that this launch can be a chance to join the BlastUP community for those who missed out on purchasing $BLP tokens during the presale. 

As BlastUP steps into the next phase post-presale, the community can look forward to enhanced features and sustained momentum in the ecosystem. The upcoming launch of Blastboxes V2 alongside continuous strategic improvements enrich the existing framework and broaden opportunities for new investors. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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