Bitcoin Vs. Altcoins: Renowned Finance Author Reveals The Easiest Way To Become A Millionaire


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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the renowned book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently revealed Bitcoin is the easiest way anyone can become a millionaire. The renowned finance author is known to be a huge advocate of digital assets and again made a case for them while making this revelation. 

The “Easiest Way” To Become A Millionaire

Kiyosaki mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that Bitcoin is the easiest way to become a millionaire. He highlighted how making millions as an entrepreneur can be. The renowned finance author noted that one has to be “really smart, dedicated, and lucky” to become a millionaire while starting their own business. As such, Kiyosaki claims he saves BTC instead because the flagship crypto does the hard work for him, which is why he loves Bitcoin. 

Besides advocating for Bitcoin as a way to become a millionaire, Kiyosaki has also continued to advise everyone to buy Bitcoin as a haven for when the fiat-based monetary system collapses. He has, at times, alluded to the growing inflation in the US as more reason to buy the flagship crypto, claiming it is an excellent way to safeguard one’s wealth

More recently, he cited the dilemma that China’s stock market is facing and advised that everyone should buy as much Bitcoin as they can before “the biggest bubble in history goes bust.” Meanwhile, in a recent X post, Kiyosaki stated that he has become frustrated while encouraging people to buy BTC. 

He explained this is because they give “so many lame excuses.” He highlighted the most common excuse he receives, many of which state that “Bitcoin is too expensive.” However, Kiyosaki mentioned that although Bitcoin is high, it is still not as high as it will be. He noted that everyone wishes they had bought BTC at $10, but those “days are long gone.” Regardless, he advised everyone to “buy a little” and keep buying what they can afford. 

How High Will Bitcoin Rise?

Kiyosaki recently predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $350,000 by August this year. He claimed that his bold prediction was not a “lie” because any prediction about the future isn’t a lie but simply speculation or an opinion. He added that he wants BTC being $350,000 to become a fact, although it remains only a prediction for now. 

Meanwhile, the renowned finance author revealed that he will keep buying more “Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana” because he is confident that their prices will continue to rise. Kiyosaki further mentioned that he isn’t optimistic about these price surges because he is sure about these crypto tokens but because he is confident in the “incompetence” of US leaders, including President Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

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