Bitcoin And Crypto At The Forefront: Biden Administration To Attend Key Roundtable In Washington


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The Administration under US President Joe Biden and Congressman Ro Khanna is slated to attend a roundtable on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies this July in Washington, D.C., which is a significant move signaling the growing relevance of digital assets regulation and innovation.

Leaders in the industry, advocates, and important policymakers will come together to discuss the future of digital assets in the US at this high-profile event. In a statement, the office of Khanna called the planned gathering the most significant meeting between policymakers and innovation leaders in blockchain to date.

Cryptocurrency Innovation To Be Kept Inside The US

According to leaked reports from Bitcoin Magazine, the goal of the proposed discussion, which will be chaired by Congressman Ro Khanna of the United States, is to talk about how to retain blockchain innovation and Bitcoin domestically. Given Khanna’s political affiliation, the impending roundtable indicates a change in Washington’s stance toward the cryptocurrency sector and may also indicate a softening of Democratic sentiment.

Officials from the Senate, House, and the Biden administration are anticipated to participate in the discussion, along with American businessman Mark Cuban. It is anticipated that the participants will explore subjects like legal frameworks, the economic effects of cryptocurrency assets, and methods to promote innovation while maintaining consumer protection.

With the Biden Administration involved, the federal government is demonstrating that it recognizes the necessity for comprehensive and unambiguous crypto rules. This event comes in light of rapid technological developments and increased crypto market volatility, making the conversation about regulatory clarity and stability more important than ever.

Biden administration’s involvement comes as a shock to the entire cryptocurrency community, given President Joe Biden’s stance against digital assets over time. For the last four years, the administration has been antagonistic toward Bitcoin and the digital asset industry.

President Biden recently vetoed a bill to repeal a contentious Securities and Exchange Commission bulletin outlining accounting guidelines for companies that own cryptocurrency. “My Administration will not support measures that jeopardize the well-being of consumers and investors,” Biden stated.

Furthermore, the Biden Administration has also proposed a 30% tax on electricity used for Bitcoin mining, which claims that this will impede the shift to low-emission energy sources.

Biden Campaign Considers Digital Assets Donations

The high-profile meeting comes a few days after reports revealed that President Joe Biden’s campaign is in discussions with cryptocurrency industry players about accepting digital assets donations through Coinbase Commerce.

One could see this initiative as a reaction to former US president Donald Trump, given that Trump was the first to initiate the idea, which garnered significant interest from the crypto space.

According to anonymous sources, the discussion is the latest attempt by the Biden administration to investigate strategies for winning over voters who are interested in crypto ahead of the upcoming elections. With digital assets becoming a major topic in this year’s elections, it appears that both candidates are fighting for the support of the expanding industry.

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